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How your App is Made & Delivered:


One of our in-house designers will work on making your app dreams a reality by working with you and your team.

Build & Publish

Our team will work on the design and build your app on our platform. We will then confirm with you before publishing. Our team will then upload your app to iTunes & Google Play Store.


Using our App Control Panel, you will be able to add new content to your app any time. You will also be able to send Push Notifications to your customers from this portal.


We will help you make the most of your app and help you direct your customers to your new app. There will also be content and tips available for you to help you learn how to use our platform.

Amazing Key Features

Each app we create for our clients is bespoke to their needs, to give you an indication on what features we typically include for our clients:

Discount Coupons

Attract new and repeat sales through coupons, frequently used for product launches, off-peak periods and old stock to recoup spend.

Video, Audio & Images

Showcase the best from your business through the use of images, videos and audio. Whether that is property images (estate agents), or appetizing and welcoming plates of food (restaurants) or educational podcasts (marketing agencies).

Contact Details

Using 'Tap to Call' technology, your customers can call you quicker than ever, straight from your app in one tap. They'll also be able to use contact forms and email you directly all from within your app.

Social Media

Encourage customers to engage with you and each other on your social accounts which will increase your visibility among their 'friends and followers'. 

Push Notifications

Not getting enough email engagement? Share a message with your customers instantly. Promote new coupons, events, or products within your app using push notifications.

E-Commerce & Ordering

We can add your Shopify store to your app or if you are a restaurant or takeaway, we can create an online ordering platform that allows your customers to order directly from your app.

Menus & Collateral 

We understand that menus and pricing catalogues are a large part of educating and attracting your customer. That's why you can add any PDF's as a part of your app.

Loyalty Cards

It’s crucial to create  a number loyal customers, loyalty cards are a fantastic way of encouraging just that. When doing this on your app, you'll save on the printing costs and your customers won't lose them. 

Google Directions

Get more of your customers to visit you no matter where they are based or coming from. With the help of Google Maps in app, your customers will be navigated to your business, whether they're on foot, driving or using public transport.

Customer Feedback

Collect valuable feedback from your customers using an app. This will prove a valuable tool for 

Events Calendar

You can alert your customers of your latest events or regular promotions through an events calendar. For example, 2 For 1 Mondays or a special New Years Eve event. This can be created manually or synced using your Google Calendar or iCal.

Chat Wall

You can use a chat wall to create conversations with your app users in app. This could be asking questions or feedback from them, or you could even run exclusive competitions on the Chat Wall.

Why Your SME Needs An App:

Reason One – Mobile Apps Give You High Visibility to Your Customers The number one reason that your small business needs an app is when someone installs your mobile app on their phone, your business is now visible to customers at all times.

Reason Two – Push Notifications Allow Direct Communication With Your App Users Reason number two; an app creates a direct form of marketing with your users. Through push notifications, you can communicate directly with your customers or potential customers.

Reason Three – Leveraging Coupons And Loyalty Cards For Repeat Business The next point, and reason number three, is it helps to provide added value to your customer base. I mean, there are countless businesses these days that run loyalty card programmes that mail out but I’ve lost count of how many of the cardboard loyalty cards I’ve lost. Now with an app you can digitalise all this by having the loyalty card within the app, you can have the coupons within the app to encourage your customers to visit or purchase from you.

Reason Four – Your Mobile App Will Help To Build Your Brand The next major point is point four and it’s to help you build branding recognition with your customers. So if you look at the whole branding concept you can make your app for this business whatever way you wish. You can use the company logo, you can take the company colours that they use and you can create then an app where customers have value out of having this app on their phone.

Reason Five – Increase Customer Engagement Point number five is to really improve customer engagement. It does not matter what you’re selling. You could be selling floors, physiotherapy, coffee, lunch menus and lunch deals at restaurants. And if users have a way to get the same end result without having to pick up the phone and call you, then it’s going to improve your business.

Reason Six – A Mobile App Will Help You Stand Apart From Your Competition Point six, an app helps you stand above the competition. People who ran offline businesses took a lot longer to get online than what they should have. And the ones who got online first actually got a big jump ahead of their competitors. The mobile apps base is exactly the same.

Reason Seven – Build Loyalty And Trust With Your Customers And number seven, last but not least, it’s creating loyalty with your customer. When you think about how much advertising the average person must see; with an app you have your own little space on their phone, which is your app. You now have a nice little bit in their pocket where you’re able to communicate with them directly at any point. When you’re running an offer, rather than relying on them to look at your fan page or visit your website to see what offer it is you’re running.

Industries We Serve:

We help businesses in multiple industries but our experiences are mostly with:

Apps for restaurants

Restaurants & Coffee Shops

Employee Engagement

Apps for beauty and spa

Spa & Beauty

Apps for gyms

Gym & Fitness

Apps for Takeaways


Apps for Bands & Music Management


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